Hotel Worker Campaign

..Bomba Liberte in support of the workers.529208_4706046170422_936040735_n


Hunger Strikers and organizers strategizing.

Calling all Community Activists,

Nine immigrant workers in San Diego need your support!  They will be fired from the Hilton Mission Valley next week because their employer decided to run their names through E-Verify, we believe, as a legal way to punish these workers for their efforts to organize a union at the Hilton Mission Valley.
We are saying NO MAS!  No more abusing immigrant workers!

To make our message clear, Unite Here Local 30 is calling for a 5-day hunger strike.

The hunger strike will begin Friday April 5th at 12 p.m. and go through Tuesday April 9th at 12 p.m. We are looking for people to come out throughout the strike to show their support and also bring non-perishable food items or monetary donations for the workers who will be affected.  We’re also seeking out artists, musicians, and dance groups to help keep up the morale of the hunger strike and Hilton Mission Valley workers.


The workers at the Hilton Mission Valley have been trying to unionize with Unite Here local 30 for a few years because many of the workers make barely above minimum wage and have to pay over $450 for their family health insurance plan.  They also have excessive workloads and have often had to work off the clock to complete their work.  Their organizing campaign was making headway until the hotel owner HEI sold the hotel to Tarsadia Investments.

When the hotel was sold, HEI filed to lay off all of the 110 workers.  Unite Here led a successful campaign to retain all of the workers’ jobs.  However, recently, we believe as a way to punish immigrant workers for organizing, the company utilized E-Verify, a program to check workers’ documentation.  As a result, they have identified 9 workers who they plan to fire on April 8th and 9th.  Legally, there is little we can do to challenge these firings, so we are organizing workers, the local community of students, educators, and activists to support these families and to say no to E-Verify, especially when used to legally break organizing drives.


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